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Going blind . . .

What it means to be going blind… It seems like a terrible trick when one’s eyesight begins to diminish and fail. And in truth, it is. I can’t think of any of the five senses that one could choose to … Continue reading

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Silent in the Grace . . .

I need to laminate my membership card to the J Underground. I think on the front, it will have a picture of our beloved enlightened brother: Jesus. Perhaps something cartoony that depicts an elevator: doors open, one illuminated “up” button, … Continue reading

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Gary and Cindy Lora-Renard – the real deal

  I had the pleasure of attending a workshop in Manassas, Virginia on Saturday to listen to a man named Gary Renard and his wife Cindy Renard give a workshop on A Course in Miracles. They are the real flippin’ … Continue reading

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Mental illness – a love letter . . .

I never thought I would write a blog or anything that would begin with the words “Thank you, Jesus!” to anyone. For much of my life, I truly believed that he was a figment of my delusional mind and that he … Continue reading

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Miracles: Drops of Healing Rain

As a writer, I know now that my treasure house is not in the royalties I receive two times a year nor in the number of books I sell. I have not sold many in the many years I have … Continue reading

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Forgiving Judas Iscariot and all the Apostles…

I used to believe that past lives were a bunch of New Age bunk. Not anymore. Never again . . . After having read a million spiritual books, especially, Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, I find that I … Continue reading

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Miracles and Marrying Heather…

Miracles are everywhere. This month . . . June of 2015 and the right to marry anyone you love is one of them. *Small wave of rainbows across the land of the free.* Alleluia. In my favorite tome, A Course … Continue reading

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