Interview with ACIM expert – Jackie Lora Jones!

Hey, everyone,

Just last week, I had my very first live interview with one of the premier international experts on A Course in Miracles — Jackie Lora Jones. Wow! If anyone wants a clear uncompromising understanding of the Course, then Jackie is IT! She is not only a fabulous interviewer, she is also an amazing Teacher of God. I am just going to call her what she absolutely represents! I was so honored and grateful — and a little nervous — to be on her show. We talk about the Course, our collective journey down the “seeming” rabbit hole into time and space, and how we are all going home to the place we NEVER left. Awesome sauce! In between, we chat about my next book, Letters from the J Underground, which will be out in September! The hardest book — and the shortest — I have ever written, like a non-fiction “chap” book. It will be short, cheap and good . . .  I promise.

Here is the link to the interview if you feel inspired to listen:

Thanks to all my friends from the RVA Course Community who have and continue support me on this journey. The utter support from my mighty companions here in Richmond has been amazing! Thank you to all who have prayed for me and given me the confidence in getting my story and message to the people who may be helped by it. Perhaps ten or twenty or more (who knows — only the Holy Spirit!) .  .  . truly to the ones who have struggled with mental illness, suicide, or depression or any psychic debris they have carried from other dream lifetimes. Yep, all a big dream and we are living it together!

Additionally, I HIGHLY recommend all of you to take one of Jackie’s webinars. You can find all of the information here on her website if that hyperlink does not work, then just google her name: Jackie Lora Jones — easy peasy!

I hope in the future, I can be half the teacher Jackie is . .  . she is a great role model, like her sister Cindy and her brother-in-law, Gary! (Their collective work is a game changer!) Everyone can be healed and helped by her. She gets a lot of emails but, believe me, she answers them. And, when you listen to our interview, you will clearly hear how great she is!

Okay, back to eating pizza and ice cream and living the dream . . . Heather and I just got back from a fabulous trip to Colorado and are couch potatoe-ing it before we go back to work tomorrow.

I love you all and wish the very best to anyone who may be reading this now. Just know, the journey back gets better and better each day as we meet people where they are and love them where they are.

Peace to you . . .  and peace on earth!


(forgive any typos you may read or see here…)









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