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Letters from the J Underground

ebook cover image_ruthI’m excited to announce that my seventh book is here.  It is called Letters from the J Underground and was written with the help of my friends, Kim Severin and Nathaniel Mason. For those of you that want a sneek peek, here is an updated excerpt: Continue reading

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Spirit Home

This book is written for you. It may be the biggest step you ever take in helping you and others stop the incessant searching for why we have come to planet earth and how we go home.

Spirit Home is a new spiritual compass that leads readers to the destination we have ALL searched for. It provides us the joy in knowing we finally have an answer to life’s biggest question: Why are we here? Continue reading

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The Mystic Market

Being a plain Jane has never bothered Deputy Blair Wingfield. It’s enough that she’s welcome at the local grocery-bar-tackle-shop, The Mystic Market. Ruggedly beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a town from the past on the edge of vast stretches of wilderness, but the present has caught up with a vengeance. Continue reading

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Sterling Road Blues

Carrie Tomlinson’s life is short on rewards and long on challenges. Even she admits that she’s probably not coping the best she can, but her still grieving heart over the death of her lover only leaves her so much energy for her special needs students and her own self-control. Audra Malone understands Carrie too well, but that doesn’t stop her from hoping that her role as Best Friend will become something more. Continue reading

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Breaking Spirit Bridge

Fresh out of high school and on a full scholarship to play collegiate basketball at UVA, Piper Leigh Cliff returns to her childhood home in Virginia. Upon her arrival, Piper reconnects to a past she had willfully and willingly long forgotten. Demons still linger in her hometown. Most notably, her grandfather and his friend Clover, who is still fuming mad over an encounter with Piper six years earlier. Continue reading

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Piper’s Someday

It seemed as though life couldn’t get any worse for feisty, young Piper Leigh Cliff and her three-legged dog, Someday.

After losing her parents and brother in a drunk driving accident, she and her dog are sent to live in what she calls the “grossest looking apartment complex” in Goochland County, Virginia. She’s forced to deal with even more trauma as she’s swept up in a maelstrom that includes her neglectful, verbally abusive grandfather and his cross-eyed lackey friend, Clover – two old rednecks in love with booze, Nascar, and jaunts to the local bar. Left alone to fend for herself, Piper passes the time by shooting basketball, hanging out at her fort, and smoking stolen cigarettes from her grandfather.

Piper’s luck begins to change, however, when two women, a postal worker and a graduate student, move in just three doors down. Continue reading

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Vera’s Still Point

Vera Curran is in love with her own repression. She’s a forty-year-old Republican gay librarian from a rural county in Virginia who gladly sustains her life by doing the same insipid routine day in and day out. She wakes up, treks through her “shelving in the 900’s” days, and puts milk bones out for the dog each night before curling up to read a book and watch the world through her window.

Vera hasn’t had sex in years…and has forgotten exactly why. Then out of nowhere there is a new member of the faculty – Frankie Bourdon – an ex-Navy pilot who left the military to teach high school and to try and change the public school’s curriculum by adding homosexual sex education. Continue reading

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