Photo for Style Weekly by Scott Elmquist

Photo by Scott Elmquist for Style Weekly

Welcome to my world of sharing the lovely teachings of A Course in Miracles as well as my own spiritual energy and healing practice. I am grateful and honored you are here. And, I truly hope that through our joint venture together, we can find an extraordinary kind of  healing that will change and open you up forever. This is your time to tap into the energy of your divinity with the angels.  Angels . . . yes!

For nearly three years now, I have been working with a non-physical group of angelic beings who lead me in my spiritual healing practice. To date, the angelic presence has helped assist in the healing of many clients with physical and emotional blocks. They guide me with each client as an energetic transmission from pure mind.

In addition to my healing practice, I have been teaching the best book on the planet: A Course in Miracles.  This book is the most game-changing book I have ever studied. If you are interested in this teaching which aims at healing the collective split-mind (the ego) through a kind of forgiveness and love the earth has never seen, then come on! I have a study group I am with every Saturday. They teach me as much as I teach them. It is so much fun and the support and love is quite amazing.

And, in this world that is always shifting and changing, I lead a new group that has emerged from my Saturday class. This group is called Wisdom Share RVA, and we meet each Wednesday to share — you guessed it — wisdom on related spiritual topics. We also gather each Thursday for a world-wide directed prayer circle via a guided meditation.

If you are looking for a place to come for healing and connection, then here we are! I would love to hear from you and if you are interested in any of the offerings mentioned above, then please connect via the contact page. I will get with you pronto!

In the meantime, many blessings to you on this journey of healing and love.