The Colors of Light Heal!

Everyone is entitled to miracles.💞

The journey of a lifetime has changed everything for me and it can do the same for YOU

Read on . . .🦋

Since February of 2018, I have been gifted with spiritual vision. After years of meditation and prayer, I began to see colorful lights and what people might call the third eye,  also known as the indigo blue third eye  chakra. At first, I wasn’t quite sure about the lights that I was seeing and I kept opening my eyes and closing my eyes to check to make sure I was actually seeing the yellow, the purple, green, turquoise, pink and the flecks of pure white light that are in my central vision. A friend told me to question what those lights mint and after much research and investigation I have come to realize that the lights are healing and are giving me a peek into a mystical world that surrounds all of us.

These lights are coming from the non-physical. When I close my eyes and meditate, I see the colors expand and get brighter and I also see a breathing light that is of God. This spiritual vision is ironic as my physical eyesight has waned and I am now legally blind. However, when I am with people that are like-minded and love- minded, I find that the lights that I see get brighter and sometimes can fill an entire room. It is all healing. It is all a recognition of the spirit in all of us and I intuitively know that each one of us has this same spiritual vision. This vision is healing and helpful for everyone to realize that we are One. There is no separation in any way shape or form and this is shown in the Divine abstraction of Love  these colors reflect. This Divine colorful mirror is everywhere. I think that’s pretty cool.

When I’m in front of  clients and doing healing prayer sessions, the lights . . . What I call a Divine Angelic presence . . . heal. They heal both the body and the mind.

These Divine colors are representatives and messengers of love. That really is it. The love that is within the color can vibrate and resonate at the highest level and heal.

If people are willing and open-minded, then the benefit is quite amazing. I have been in front of some people who have experienced a healing that comes from minds that are joined. Minds that are accepting of the healing process.

At first, I was skeptical of these lights. But after the last 18 months, I have come to accept that it is something I can share and honor.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in this and exploring the healing process of spiritual vision, then please connect with me here on the contact page of this site.

Additionally, I do guided  meditation with clients and also teach how to meditate or visualize in order to heal. I have noticed that with repetition of meditation and or visualization that one can heal their own bodies and their own mind.

Love to you!!!🕊❣


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