Guided Meditation and Healing Prayer Sessions…for YOU!

In my own experience, I have found that meditation and healing prayer has been the tincture I needed to heal myself from old, limiting beliefs as well as from physical maladies.  In the last ten years of devoted practice to the healing art of meditation, I have literally stopped having migraines and have healed the tops of my corneas due to myopia. Additionally, the cracks, fissures and tears in my retinas have stopped leaking and I no longer need eye injections. I am legally blind, but I am not giving up hope that my eyes can one day fully recover. At 52, I have time to devote to recovering from anything!

Faith is free and I have plenty of it.

Furthermore, I have taken back my own mind and my own thinking–especially the label boxes that separated me (many of us) from the “norm.” I no longer consider myself an alcoholic nor bipolar. The former diagnosis, I gave to myself. The latter, a doctor labeled me with nearly twenty years ago. Via the healing art of meditation and prayer, today I am label free and have the most peace and joy I have ever known. Two things occurred int he last ten years to bring me this peace and healing: one has been the discipline of meditation; the other has been the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles.  True forgiveness and love  are the way to healing and I want to share this with you.

If you truly want a better way to be-all of the time,too, then take me up on a free session of Guided Meditation & Healing Prayer!

Here’s the scoop:

Guided Meditation and Healing Prayer (GMHP)is the tincture we all need (I know I did) –especially when we are in need of clearing our own minds and lives of the psychic debris that blocks us from a better way.

Today and through the middle of next month (March), I am offering you or anyone you know a free guided meditation session to kickoff my new GMHP practice!

My Innsbrook home office is open for anyone who is interested in learning more about  guided meditation and healing prayer. I have been doing this for many years and am now offering individual and small group sessions to anyone who may be interested in the healing arts and the power of how the mind can heal.

The benefits of Guided Meditation and Healing Prayer (GMHP) are truly amazing as you can tap into the power of how your own mind cam heal itself from mental, physical, and emotional blocks. As you join with that inner power (God, Source, Holy Spirit) you can help heal yourself from every perception that limits you – any and all fears! As you do this, a sense of peace and joy can be your continued experience (with practice!).

The meditation session is done and held in a three-part process: the first part is teaching one how to meditate regardless of the level of the student; the second part is a guided meditation for about 15-20 minutes; and, the third part is healing prayer based on the students’ questions or concerns.

To do a GMHP session with me, all you have to do is go to the “Guided Meditation and Healing Prayer ” tab  on my website and fill out the form and provide your phone number or email address, and I will reach out to you!  (I do Skype, phone, or in-person sessions).

All my love to you all as we heal the belief that we are limited beings, as we heal the belief that the ego is our identity, as we heal the belief that we can’t recover the way to wholeness, again.

All my love,

Ruth (hoping you will forgive any typos you may have noticed)

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