Letters from the J Underground

ebook cover image_ruthI’m excited to announce that my seventh book is here.  It is called Letters from the J Underground and was written with the help of my friends, Kim Severin and Nathaniel Mason. For those of you that want a sneek peek, here is an updated excerpt:

“Dear Friends, 

There’s a scene in the movie, The Sound of Music, where Julie Andrews begins singing to Christopher Plummer as they kiss in one of the most romantic scenes of all time. As they cradle each other in the gazebo, she sings to him, “somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.” She is reflecting in the lyric—in that moment of good, in that moment of truth in her childhood, she did something so great . . . so, good and perfect . . . now her payoff is this amazing love she is feeling for her holy love—him.

When I watch that scene, as I have many times, I fall in love with them both. For me, it’s a clear still point of truth and the loveliness of falling in love. It always takes my breath away. The chemistry is palpable, as palpable as the heartbeat of every love story—ever.

Yes, Julie Andrews—or Frauline Maria. You did something very good. She croons to him and I’m transported to Heaven inside my own heart. It feels like Heaven when I watch that lovely scene and that entire joyful movie. There is singing and playfulness and romance and it has that ending scene of them climbing over that mountain into Switzerland—the mountain to freedom.

We are indeed all just like those characters on our own stage of life. We’re dreaming of love and joy and utter blessings. The family Von Trapp brings it to us and the entire movie breaks open our hearts.

Even though I was brought up Catholic, I never understood Jesus or even thought he was a part of my life until I came to the Course. I never understood God or the bible as I couldn’t wrap my brain around any of it. I walked away from it all. I didn’t think I could ever have a personal relationship with Jesus or God. But, when I started meditating in earnest and praying in earnest and feeling like somewhere in my youth I had done something good—just like Julie Andrews—I began to feel more and more connected with J.

Then on the stage of my own life, I had a dream of him—J. And, now, I’ve come to know I’m part of something I never, ever believed I’d say out loud or even proud. I love him. I love Jesus. I love the Holy Spirit. I love God.

God is. . . there, now I am getting it right.

Now, I am certain I need to laminate my membership card to the J Underground. I think on the front, it will have a picture of our beloved enlightened brother: Jesus or “J” for short. Perhaps something cartoony that depicts an elevator: doors open, one illuminated “up” button, and a line wrapped around the corner of a city block. Just inside, Jesus is there, extending a hand to the next person in line with a tag line like, “Teach only love, for that is what you are.” Which may be too Jesusy for some. Or, it could say, “Forgive and forget,” which may be too simple. Or, it could say, “God is . . .” which may be too existential.

In truth, I don’t think Jesus cares as long as the message gets through—with crystal clear-cut clarity. The clarity came in my sleep. It was utter truth and I claim it as personal testimony to all.

Check out the book, where the story of my dream (which continues this letter) is revealed. I hope this piques your interest.

All my love,


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9 Responses to Letters from the J Underground

  1. Pat Shank says:

    Congratulations, Ruth. So happy for you and the spiritual, loving space you have found. Can’t wait to read your next offering.

  2. Linda Krouse says:

    Ruth I too am going through The Course in a way. I m reading Marianne’s book Return to Love. I am so sorry about your eyesight. I’ll be sure to get your book through the library when it comes out. Much love to you
    Peace and all good

    • And, much love to you…am so glad to hear you are doing the Course! What a great gift to all of us…thanks for your support about my eyesight! Much love to you and all that you do!


    • My eyes are so goofy…I hope you got my reply…much love to you! Thank you for your support of the Course…Marianne’s books are amazing! xoxo Ruth

  3. I am beyond excited for your book Ruth! Loved the excerpt and I love you! Xoxo, Jackie

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