The Mystic Market

Being a plain Jane has never bothered Deputy Blair Wingfield.  It’s enough that she’s welcome at the local grocery-bar-tackle-shop, The Mystic Market.  Ruggedly beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a town from the past on the edge of vast stretches of wilderness, but the present has caught up with a vengeance.

Already embittered by family tragedies, Blair is plunged into anguish and questioning when the local high school’s star forward commits suicide, leaving behind bitter accusations of anti-gay bullying.  The girl’s story galvanizes young attorney Emma Jacobs into leading the charge against the school district’s failure to protect one of its own. 

Beset with personal troubles, stunned at her own soul-searching and caught between the law and politics, Blair tries to find some semblance of calm and control.  But every time she clashes with Emma there is little of either to be found.  Something else entirely wants to grow out of Blair’s uncertainties…

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  1. Nice site. I’ve bookmarked it. And sorry about River, but nice to know she’s healthy and happy again.

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