Write: Perkinson Post – Elephants, Genies, and Birds

Writers are dreamers.

We waft in and out of the ether of our own consciousness and unconsciousness all the time. Find yourself staring off? Find a character run you over like an elephant while your getting the chicken out of the fridge to thaw? Are you at a stop light and see a bird and wonder, hmmm, what is it doing, right there in the line of my vision? How are birds symbolic for me? A genie would have you rub the writing vessel and tell you that the bird is a sign – an auspicious one – to get you to wake up! Time to pull over and write that great idea on the back of that water bill sitting in the passenger seat. You are leaking all over yourself with good ideas. You will NEVER have the time to write. Here’s a portion of the point; but the ideas will keep coming like the elephant in the room, the bird crossing your vision – dalliances appear like a genie released from a golden urn; however, these are the ones you need to right down, right now.

My writing suggestion for today is this. There is the hackneyed expression: No time like the present. Well, yes. But let’s turn the phrase. The present will give you time; the gift will be the words that are bubbling up from inside of you.

You are the genie and I have three wishes. Your words to appear – today. Your words to be WHO you are. Your words to feel the balm, the magic of how art can get you out of your own chrysallis and emerge with a scepter – triumphant till the next idea happens when you open the fridge or take a trip to the store.

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1 Response to Write: Perkinson Post – Elephants, Genies, and Birds

  1. Barrett says:

    Well said, Ruth. Time to look around and pay attention. Agree!

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