Forgiving Judas Iscariot and all the Apostles…

I used to believe that past lives were a bunch of New Age bunk.

Not anymore. Never again . . .

After having read a million spiritual books, especially, Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, I find that I can NO longer suspend my disbelief in past lives and reincarnation. It is just a fact. He (Gary) is visited by two ascended masters: Pursah and Arten and they basically – in a coconut shell – give him everything we need to know when it comes to why we fight ourselves and why we kill each other and why forgiveness and love are our only tickets out of this place. If you have not read this book, then do yourself a favor and read it.

It is the second Gospel of Thomas. They buried the first. They buried the first out of fear (Nag Hammadi). The second one is here because the truth can NO longer be buried.

Thank you, Gary, for meditating and being vigilant for God and the Truth. Fear is over. Death is over. Forgiveness is here to save us all from ourselves and each other.

As a student of  A Course in Miracles, the 1300 page metaphysical masterpiece, which is ONLY a self-study book and NOT a religion, I have come to know exactly what the message of Jesus was and is. ACIM is one way . . . not the only way. Just to be clear.

It is time for the world to read the message and forgive the big ones and the small ones alike. Especially guys like Judas. He was the one Apostle who never got to have his “cake and eat it, too.” He was the fall guy and he takes the blame every Easter across the world for being the only one who seemingly betrays Jesus. The kiss of death has become his scourge to bear and we re-enact that every year in many Christian denominations.

Enough is enough for poor Judas. In the text of ACIM, Jesus mentions his name three times. We just covered it in my Saturday class we hold at St. Thomas’ church every weekend.

Jesus says in the Text of ACIM:

“Their (the Apostles) own imperfect love made them vulnerable to projection, and out of their own fear they spoke of the ‘wrath of God’ as His retaliatory weapon. Nor could they speak of the crucifixion entirely without anger, because their own sense of guilt had made them angry.”

He (Jesus) goes on to say, “If the Apostles had not felt guilty, they could never have quoted me as saying, ‘I come not to bring peace but a sword.’ This is clearly the opposite of everything I (Jesus) taught. Nor could they have described my reactions to Judas as they did, if they had really understood me. I could not have said, ‘Betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?’ unless I believed in betrayal. The whole message of the crucifixion was simply that I did not [believe in betrayal]. The ‘punishment’ I was said to have called forth upon Judas was a similar mistake. Judas was my brother and a Son of God, as much a part of the Sonship as myself. Was it likely that I would condemn him when I was ready to demonstrate that condemnation is impossible?” (p. 94 – 95…Text of ACIM – Foundation for Inner Peace – combined volume, 3rd edition. 2007).

Jesus wants teachers, not martyrs. Judas must have felt unbelievable guilt and then hung himself after trying to return the money he had taken.

Suicide is not the way out. Judas’ Gospel was only added to the Gnostic Bible in 2009. Thank you to Willis Barnstone for translating this;) If you go there and read it, it’s pretty great stuff. Judas was a great man . . . just like the other Apostles. We cannot continue to separate out his gifts and make him the fall guy every Easter and teach children he was the worst of the Apostles, when in fact, he was a brother to Jesus just like all of us are.

We must put the Voice of Truth on the one Apostle who seems to get the short end of the stick all the time. Peter denied Jesus three times and it seems we lionize him but not Judas. Peter and Judas were brothers to Jesus . . . both are saints.

Judas was a good guy. Not a bad guy. He must be forgiven in our minds and our hearts and our souls. We must love him as much as we love Jesus or J or God. We must have joint salvation through forgiveness for we are not separate from God – we just continue to think we are. And that, as they say in AA is “stinkin’ thinkin’.”

Gary Renard says in one of his books that the Apostles had twenty more life times to live before they would understand the message of Jesus. Guess what then, the Apostles are still with us in the 21st Century . . . walking the earth as the holy Sons of God himself.

Judas is, too. He is, I am sure, still walking this earth . . . just in a different body.

Thank you, Gary, for making this clear: Thank you Cindy (Gary’s wife): for making this clear. Thank you to all the Course teachers who are walking this earth being passersby and sharing the message of ACIM. You make this one person in Richmond, Virginia feel the sanest she has ever felt – ever!

We are all the lights of the world. Including our brother, Judas. We are all only teaching love (through forgiveness), for that is what we are – love.

God Bless Judas and all the rest of the Apostles who are getting it right;) We need you and the voice of Jesus to bring us all home.

So, I unofficially appoint this day, September 21st as a day we think of Judas and forgive him. After all, he was never given any recognition till of late.

But as we know, it is never too late in fiction or in life to REVISE.

Go, Jesus, Go . . . Go, Holy Spirit, Go! Rock stars in Heaven. Rock stars on earth.

All my love and forgiveness,


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2 Responses to Forgiving Judas Iscariot and all the Apostles…

  1. Patricia Adams-Wright says:

    Very eloquently stated!

  2. Mary says:

    New age? Reincarnation has been believed for thousands of years.

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