Letters from the J Underground – Coming Soon

I’m excited to announce that my seventh book is almost here.  It is called Letters from the J Underground and was written with my co-author, W. Nathaniel Mason, and with the help of my friend, Kim Severin. For those of you that want a sneek peek, here is an updated excerpt:

“Dear Friends, 

There’s a scene in the movie, The Sound of Music, where Julie Andrews begins singing to Christopher Plummer as they kiss in one of the most romantic scenes of all time. As they cradle each other in the gazebo, she sings to him, “somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.” She is reflecting in the lyric—in that moment of good, in that moment of truth in her childhood, she did something so great . . . so, good and perfect . . . now her payoff is this amazing love she is feeling for her holy love—him.

When I watch that scene, as I have many times, I fall in love with them both. For me, it’s a clear still point of truth and the loveliness of falling in love. It always takes my breath away. The chemistry is palpable, as palpable as the heartbeat of every love story—ever.

Yes, Julie Andrews—or Frauline Maria. You did something very good. She croons to him and I’m transported to Heaven inside my own heart. It feels like Heaven when I watch that lovely scene and that entire joyful movie. There is singing and playfulness and romance and it has that ending scene of them climbing over that mountain into Switzerland—the mountain to freedom.

We are indeed all just like those characters on our own stage of life. We’re dreaming of love and joy and utter blessings. The family Von Trapp brings it to us and the entire movie breaks open our hearts.

Even though I was brought up Catholic, I never understood Jesus or even thought he was a part of my life until I came to the Course. I never understood God or the bible as I couldn’t wrap my brain around any of it. I walked away from it all. I didn’t think I could ever have a personal relationship with Jesus or God. But, when I started meditating in earnest and praying in earnest and feeling like somewhere in my youth I had done something good—just like Julie Andrews—I began to feel more and more connected with J.

Then on the stage of my own life, I had a dream of him—J. And, now, I’ve come to know I’m part of something I never, ever believed I’d say out loud or even proud. I love him. I love Jesus. I love the Holy Spirit. I love God.

God is. . . there, now I am getting it right.

Now, I am certain I need to laminate my membership card to the J Underground. I think on the front, it will have a picture of our beloved enlightened brother: Jesus or “J” for short. Perhaps something cartoony that depicts an elevator: doors open, one illuminated “up” button, and a line wrapped around the corner of a city block. Just inside, Jesus is there, extending a hand to the next person in line with a tag line like, “Teach only love, for that is what you are.” Which may be too Jesusy for some. Or, it could say, “Forgive and forget,” which may be too simple. Or, it could say, “God is . . .” which may be too existential.

In truth, I don’t think Jesus cares as long as the message gets through—with crystal clear-cut clarity. The clarity came in my sleep. It was utter truth and I claim it as personal testimony to all.

When the book comes out this summer, the story of my dream which continues this letter is revealed. I hope this piques your interest.

All my love,


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Going blind . . .

What it means to be going blind…

It seems like a terrible trick when one’s eyesight begins to diminish and fail. And in truth, it is. I can’t think of any of the five senses that one could choose to lose. It seems to me that going blind is the worst. But I choose to be brave over choosing to be fearful about losing my eyesight. This doesn’t mean I’m some huge hero. It just means that I choose to think differently. There have been times in the last seven years when I was quite fearful of going blind. Now, as I make steps to go to the department for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Richmond, Virginia in October, to get help, all I can think about are the students I taught and the readers who have read my books. I think of the fact that I was gifted for so many years to spread the love of teaching and to see words and just speak them and translate them to people who needed me.

So, I use this blog to help others in case they might want to listen. Words have always been a special love for me. I love to read them, I love to hear them, and I love to write them. Words have given me a sense of truth, words have given me a sense of meaning, and words have given me a sense of deliverance from this world.

I can no longer read books. I can no longer read anything that is written in the grocery store. I can barely read road signs unless they are in humongous font, like a stop sign. My church where I work has purchased adaptive software so I can read emails and do work on the computer. But last week I had to give up driving. I can no longer struggle with the shadows that are cast in front of me and drive through them without thinking I might hit someone. And while I don’t care what happens to me most times, I certainly care about others who may cross my path. So GRTC has become my friend. Just these last few weeks I have begun to ride the bus to work. I am grateful for the kindness of strangers as I was quite lost those first few trips to the transfer station downtown. I was blessed by a man who works in the Federal Building. I believe his name is Ralph. The first day I got off the bus, he put out his arm and I grabbed hold of it and he gently and kindly walked me across the street to the transfer station. He did it twice. He showed me what bus to get on. I got to work on time.

Our brothers and sisters in this world are so kind and when I got lost last week trying to come home, a lady at the transfer station was able to direct me to the right street to pick up the bus. It took me two and a half hours to get home,  but that was okay because the whole time I was just grateful. Grateful to the people who surrounded me.

I have given up many things that require the use of my eyes. I don’t watch television hardly at all and even when I do I have to sit nearly on top of the TV.  Recently I was using binoculars from the other side of the room to see images. I can only watch shows that don’t cut scenes too quickly and where the lighting is good so I can see faces. I can no longer see people and their heads from ten feet away. Even if they sit across from me I cannot see clear sharp images of eyes, noses, and lips. When I go for walks I can see trees and cam hear birds and see the street and still see forms but it’s all very vague now.

As I write this, I use a speech-to-text application and I must hold it close to my eyes to see what it is that I am writing. It takes me 20 times longer to write using this application than a keyboard. When I log into my email I have to put my left eye down to the keyboard to see the keys clearly.  I have to ask people who they are when they walk toward me.

But, I am not fooled by what is happening because I have been lucky enough to stumble upon  the greatest book of our lifetimes.

Some of you know, that I facilitate  a spiritual group every Saturday morning at St Thomas’s Church. I am grateful to be facilitating a group that uses the teaching of A Course in Miracles whose author is Jesus and whose scribe is the late Helen Schucman. We are big enough adults now to recognize that channeled works exist. We are adult enough now to recognize that there is something more happening in this world than just going from meal to meal, Facebook post to Facebook post, and going from day-to-day in our daily habits and rituals.

If there is one lesson I can teach people from this process that seems to become a new normal each day, it is this: there is a greater purpose in this life than the things that keep us busy in our minds each day. There is a greater purpose in this life than the things that keep us distracted in our minds everyday. There is a greater purpose in the effects of this world.

Our purpose in this world is to forgive it. Our purpose in this world is to see our brothers and sisters as innocent. Our purpose in this world is understand that these bodies we inhabit are not the truth. Our spirit is the only truth there is. And in the Big Blue Book that I study and teach from each Saturday, Jesus is asking us to do two things. He is asking us to teach only love for that is what we are. And he is asking us to forgive our brothers and sisters for what they never did.

Our mind is split. We either choose the thought system of fear – the egp. Or we choose the thought system of love – the Holy Spirit. In the Big Blue Book, Jesus is asking us to take our role in the atonement. What this means is he’s asking for us to . . . in our minds . . . forgive this world, these bodies, and every arrogant unloving  thought of fear, anxirty, and attack. When we forgive ourselves and each other, we are helping him repair the split mind – the trick of the ego. And let me put this bluntly. The ego made the worold of levels, pain and pleasure, and the body. The body was made as a device to hide from God. The body will never prevail. We exist as spirit . . . as minds. Any sickness in the body is a defense against the truth. My eyes are part of the ego-self. I will say this bluntly, too. I signed up for this lifetime long before I came into this body. Every trick of the ego was my choosing and I have to look at that and repair it in my mind – not in my body.  And, I forgive myself for errors that I – in Truth – never made. The only way I can truly forgive and help Jesus and the atonement is to accept my role in it. And my role is to forgive myself and others in my mind and one day the ego will wither and die and we can all go home together. We all go home together because we all landed here together. It’s a done deal.

So while my eyes seem to  go down the tubes, I realize that my brothers and sisters both known and unknown will show up to assist me. They look like guys who sit on buses and travel to their jobs and who see a person across the aisle who needs help. They are guys like Ralph who don’t know my name but see that the gift of love and help blesses us all. God bless him. God bless all of my students I ever taught. God bless all the readers who have read my books. Jesus chooses his channels wisely…just like you who is now reading this.

If you see me in town, please come up and say hi. I might not be able to see you clearly but I will be so glad to have the opportunity to be with you.

Love wins.




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Silent in the Grace . . .

I need to laminate my membership card to the J Underground. I think on the front, it will have a picture of our beloved enlightened brother: Jesus. Perhaps something cartoony that depicts an elevator: doors open, one illuminated “up” button, and a line wrapped around the corner of a city block. Just inside, Jesus is there, extending a hand to the next person in line with a tag line like, “Teach only love, for that is what you are.” Which may be too Jesusy for some. Or, it could say, “Forgive and forget,” which may be too simple. Or, it could say, “God is . . .” which may be too existential.

In truth, I don’t think Jesus cares as long as the message gets through – with crystal clarity.

Last month on June 18th, I had a lucid dream I will never forget. Since that dream, I have shared it with some of my close friends, my mother (to whom I tell just about everything), and a few co-workers at St. Thomas’ Church where I work. Church always feels safe to share and explore.

I will cut straight to the scene in the dream. I feel safe to share with my friends (the few of you here). You will get it;)

I was in a darkened room that was filled with the kindest people I have ever known. There were many of us and I could not make out discrete faces. It was a reflection – for lack of better words – of my daily life since many of you know I have lost a lot of my physical sight in the last seven years.

The dream went on for quite a while. I remember I was dressed in black slacks, a striped shirt from Chico’s, and I felt the presence of saints. It was that kind of kindness – saintly. Later, I would think I was glad not to be in my bathing suit or a pair of baggy shorts and a T-shirt.  As I listened in the dream to the lecturer I was there to see, it became apparent that I, too, was there to say a few words. I am not one for the limelight but was okay when the focus shifted toward me.

As the sweetness of the feeling I had continued, a lovely man of whom I could not see clearly got up from a chair and came to my side and said, “I am going to put my hands on your shoulders.” I was up for a back rub;) But, as I felt the loving pressure, I got the most relaxed I have ever felt – I then began to apologize as I felt I was drooling on this guy.

And, then, by the grace of God, it happened.

Like a mike drop, the scene switched instantly as I shot up out of my body. I was wholly in another world and completely aware. I looked at the crystal clear daylight and my first question was, “Where am I?” And then, I slowly turned my gaze to my right and there up on a grassy ridge was a figure dressed in white. At first, I did not know who it was. And then, it dawned on me.

It was Jesus.

I recognized who it was and the second thing I said was, “Jesus! Hurry!” Slowly and steadily and surely, he began to walk down from the ridge. It was truly him. I was shocked and stunned and suspended in disbelief! He curved around in an arc as he moved my way. I think I may have said, “Hurry!” once more. But, he stayed his steady course on his way to me. It was just him (as a reflection of the Holy Spirit) and me.

After a moment, he stopped right in front of me and our eyes met. I could see his eyes. He looked exactly as he did 2,000 years ago. (At least that’s how I figured it later for in the moment, I was not thinking of 2,000 years ago.) I have not seen any pictures of him in this lifetime that looked like this. He was serene, gentle, kind. His body was thin and his hair and eyes were brown. His hair was curly and sweetly framed his face.

But, it wasn’t about what he looked like. It was about the joining of our holy minds together. It was the most comforting vision I have ever had.

He stayed there in front of me for a long time and there were no words. We were silent in the grace. Pure love and the feeling everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to be all right. He’s got this one.

It was, by far, the most complete and best feeling I have EVER experienced. I awoke in tearful joy and rolled over to my wife and said, “I just saw Jesus in my dream.” I put my arm around her and she put her arm on me. She was still sleeping and not interested in the details. But, when we shared a cup of coffee later that morning, I was glad to see that she knew my dream was the real deal. Heather gets it. She always has.

Jesus is here. The Holy Spirit is here. They never left. We cannot see him with our physical eyes . . . but when the veil drops, as it did in my dream, we can and are able to see him. He’s in the one mind. He’s pure and perfect love and his message, his tag line, his hashtag and message to me and to everyone is crystal clear.

He’s got this. God’s got this. It’s a done deal. God wins.

So, I will continue to be a card carrying member of the J Underground. We are the spirits walking among everyone who love and forgive in the same way Jesus did then and still does now. And while it is impossible to see this world and Heaven’s world at the same time – it is possible to get a glimpse.

It may feel like this world at times has no hope but there is hope. There is no death. The Holy Son of God is free. And, that includes you and me. We are all the children of God. Everyone. No one is left out. Not even who you thought was the bad guy.

We live forever in the spiritual arms of what we cannot see with our bodily eyes. But my friend, when we love and forgive, we can see with our spiritual eyes.

There is no expiration date on my card carrying message of the J J Underground.  There is a line of people I need to forgive and love around my own personal city block – and I am doing it. Forgiving and loving with the joy that has no tag line, the joy that has no words, the joy knowing we all have this.

He’s here, people. He’s in all of us. Wake up to your spirit, your reality, and you will see.

I am off to laminate my card and send the blessing of his message.

Love wins.

All my love,




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Gary and Cindy Lora-Renard – the real deal


I had the pleasure of attending a workshop in Manassas, Virginia on Saturday to listen to a man named Gary Renard and his wife Cindy Renard give a workshop on A Course in Miracles.

They are the real flippin’ deal. *Chills up and down my spine.*

And, anyone who is tired of this world and wants real answers should take the time to read his first book: The Disappearance of the Universe. His two other works that come after: Your Immortal Reality, and Love has Forgotten No One are home runs, too. In the books, he describes how in the early 1990’s in Poland Springs, Maine, he is visited by two ascended masters. Or, if the word “angel” works for you (as it does my mother), then we can call it that. Their names are Pursah and Arten and they have much to share in terms of bringing the world of fear or illusion to the truth. They go into politics, religion, New Age spirituality, and sex (a fave of many). They do much truth telling that, at times can seem sensational, but viscerally they bring an answer to all of us that cannot be denied.

He talked on Saturday about how we have had thousands of dream lifetimes in this world since the “tiny mad idea” of separation from God first occurred and how, truly, it all healed itself at once. Time and space are the making of us, not God. If God is perfect Love, then Love can hold no grievances. And, if you have noticed, this projected world of time and space is full of grievances that come from the illusion that we are really here in the first place. A hard “wrap your brain around” concept, but, this whole place is one large sleight of hand: a trick and, certainly, not a treat. Just turn on the news for more on that, or visit a mental hospital, or visit a prison, or listen to your own vitriol from time to time. It isn’t hard to find the tricks. And, where we made faulty decisions before, we will have another chance in another lifetime to make a better choice.

If this is the case, I am sure my grandfather will come back as a Jewish-African-American lesbian who becomes President of the United States. My other grandfather will come back sober – once and for all.

Alas, there is hope for this world, but only at the level of our MIND – not at the level of the effect, which is what you see “out there.” We have to, bottom line, see (and think) our brother as we see ourselves: nothing less than perfect spirit. As you see him or her, you will see yourself. A kind idea that is the wisdom of the ages.

My guess is that there were about 125 people at the Bull Run Unitarian Church but Gary and Cindy have collectively spoken to millions. In the last thirteen years, he has been telling audiences around the world that we are all innocent and that forgiveness of our brothers and sisters for what we THOUGHT they did is the way to return to the perfect love that we all are. He speaks eloquently about his love for the Course and can quote it like its no body’s business. He speaks of it and from it as if honey were coming out of is mouth. He tells jokes to lighten the mood and his wife, Cindy, sings like an angel. She, too, speaks adeptly and adroitly about the Course’s concepts and is, too, uncompromising like Gary in what the book is teaching us. Our projected world of sin, guilt, anger, stinkin’ thinkin’ is a bad dream that Jesus awoke from and one that we all will eventually awake from. It is a matter of choice. And, we as individuals must make that choice (sooner is better than later) because it is our responsibility in our own minds to change our minds about the world.

Gary loves movies and he loved Roger Ebert – the film critic who died in 2013. He wrote a note the day before he died: “It’s all an elaborate hoax.” Gary mentioned this on Saturday as he was relating his and the Course’s ideas.

Wow! It’s a hoax, a smokescreen, a fixed-delusional hallucination that we thought was true. We thought we could dip and quit where we come from. But, in truth, we cannot. We are all love and the message of the crucifixion – our last extreme example needed to get our full attention – teaches us this.

And these are the words of Jesus from ACIM:

“Teach only love, for that is what you are.” Jesus goes onto to say: “If you interpret the crucifixion in any other way, you are using it as a weapon for assault rather than as the call for peace for which it was intended.”  p. 94.

In all of Gary’s books, as he spoke on Saturday, he gives the uncompromising truth about this world. There is no world. The truth is true. Heaven is it and the only one who sees it clearly from the end of time is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is our Guide sent to us as the great Correction Principle. The world of time and space is not real. Something that Buddhists have known for more than a millennium and what quantum physics is now proving.

The Holy Spirit was Jesus’ Guide. He is ours, too. You have the choice in your right mindedness to either join with the Holy Spirit (love) or join with the ego (fear).

Who will be your teacher? It will be the one who issues from your mind and onto your lips. As in Pursah’s  Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said, and I paraphrase–“After all, what goes into your mouth will not defile you; rather, it’s what comes out of your mouth that will reveal you.”

It all comes back to forgiveness – and forgiveness is the miracle. It comes from a man who is the Voice for A Course in Miracles. It comes from a man who demonstrated peace — Jesus. It comes from his disciples: Gary and Cindy and all of us who answer the call to teach love and forgiveness.

If I could go back and teach all of my students anything right now, it would be to pick up this teaching of Gary’s and read it and forget everything I taught you. It was all bad — especially the lesson on comma splices.

Find Gary and Cindy Renard and you will see no tricks — only loving teachers of God who are onto ALL of it.

Because they are All of it. Just like you and me.

All my love,


p.s. We will be lucky to have Cindy Lora-Renard and her sister, Jackie Lora-Jones, come to St. Thomas’ Church in Richmond, Virginia next March 25th – 2017. Save-the-date!





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Mental illness – a love letter . . .

I never thought I would write a blog or anything that would begin with the words “Thank you, Jesus!” to anyone. For much of my life, I truly believed that he was a figment of my delusional mind and that he never even walked this earth. I was cutoff from him – an agnostic, an atheist. I also bought into the belief that I was irrevocably mentally ill at three horrible junctures in my life; and, I bought into the belief that all scourges and aspersions that I assigned to myself through myself and others were, in fact, true.

I was, in my mind, incurable. I was living a mind of paralysis. Entombed by guilt.

Today, I can say — it was all a sham of my mind. I chose that script, and now I am erasing it.  The guilt and the fear and the anger and the shame. It was all in my mind — not anyone else’s. And, the story of that is over.

Thank you, Jesus.

I was diagnosed with a mental illness in the year 2000. It has changed names over the years, but the label is now called, bipolar. It never occurred to anyone who took care of me at the time of my “demise” that there may be “another way” to heal my mind other than through the use of a myriad of drugs that would leave me chained to the belief that I had done something terribly wrong. It never occurred to me either. I took the medication and did the therapy for many years. Then I went on to read a million spiritual books looking for the answer to “why.”

So, this is a thank you letter — an honoring — to the caretakers and families of those who are diagnosed with a mental illness. It is also a letter to say that there is “another way” because every being who exists on this planet (except for a rare few) are thinking with a dual thought system. One is false. The other is true. And, it took me a long time – a very long time to find that out.

I can give you a short cut . . .

We are all living in a this mental hospital of a world. And, anyone who has a little willingness to find the truth, will find it through A Course in Miracles. It is the book I finally found that healed me through and through. All the way through. And, the entire 1, 248 page book can be summed up in this way:

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” In other words, fear is false — all of it. (It is unreal — it is the great delusion of this world.) Love is truth — all of it.

Thank you, too, to all the doctors and nurses of psychology and psychiatry who came before me who knew that the world we live in was a false world (ego) and took the large leap of faith to pull together and save the people chained to mental hospitals and prisons. You are all the lights of the world. You got it. We can be in this world but not of it — just like Jesus.

All of the delusions and psychoses I experienced at those three junctures have been healed. Not by a pill. Not by a therapist. But, by me. I am the ruler of my mind and I rule it with only one other – the thought system of love: the thought system of the Holy Spirit.

It is the same thought system that Jesus used 2,000 years ago. And, he is . . . *drum roll*. . . the author of A Course in Miracles. In it, he explains the dual nature of the world we live in at the level of the mind. One thought system is false – fear or the ego. One thought system is true – love or the Holy Spirit. The only way “out” of this world is to choose (free will) either the ego or the loving thought system of the Holy Spirit. Only one, in the end, will work. Guess which one?

I want to thank, too, the professors of psychology at Columbia University – Helen Schucman and William Thetford for doing a great service to humankind. Even though Helen was scared at first, Bill helped hold her up and she, Helen, channeled the Voice of Jesus over the course of seven years — 1965 to 1972. It was published by the Foundation for Inner Peace in 1976. I was ten years old — a little girl who would one day need their great work. God bless them both.

I know now that Jesus never left us. While his body is no longer here, he is still in constant communication with us through our decision to choose our right-mindedness over our wrong-mindedness.  He exists on the level of the mind because that is where all of the healing needs to occur.

So . . . so long aspersions of sickness, you are no longer needed to run my show;) Thank you, but no thank you. Time to let that story and that time — go. I am not a victim of this world and neither are you.

I am saner now than I ever have been for two reasons. The love of my understanding family and also the fact that I now know that I can heal my mind through the power of love and forgiveness. After having meticulously studied A Course in Miracles, I am now nearly medication free and am living the sanest life I have ever lived in 49 years.

And, fear, my friends – fear is . . . over. I am no longer afraid of death or any sickness of the mind or body because I know that it is not true. They, like money, are false idols. The false, unreal mind of the ego wants us to believe that all of this flim-flam of politics and war and money and fame and power is true and it makes us special. We are NOT special.

We are all the same. Holy sisters and brothers — innocent and loving.

Not through words — enough of those already (I say this *smiling*). But, truly, through authentic forgiveness and prayer  — the medium of miracles. And, all of it is done on the mind level. That is, the thoughts we have. There are only two thought systems and, again, only one of them is true. The thought system of the Holy Spirit or that inner voice of kindness — the teacher we all have.

Thank you, Jesus. Yeshua Ben Joseph. You are a man no longer, you are one with God. God bless us all as we find out that we have lived a journey that has no distance. We walk in dreams — safe at home in heaven.

All my love and gratitude to you — the one who reads this and is helped.

It is my gift to you.

All my love,




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Miracles: Drops of Healing Rain

As a writer, I know now that my treasure house is not in the royalties I receive two times a year nor in the number of books I sell. I have not sold many in the many years I have written. Probably 5,000 copies among six books. I know now that numbers do not matter.

Of course, they never have. Numbers are man-made.

The passing of our stacks of paper and of our coins and of our binary ones and zeroes (digits) across a world of cash registers or the portals of the Internet is a bit of a sham. It just took me a long time to realize this. Our minds have been bought and sold on the threshold of the mad idea that money is the winner in the game of life. It works in our mad world where wars and governments are bought by the people who run the banks.

In Ken Wapnick’s book, When 2 + 2 = 5, he lays the framework for what our thinking has done for us in terms of the man-made world of money and fame and power: nothing. He points to the famous book by Dostoyevsky called Notes from the Underground. In this book, the author’s existential hero questions our world of reason and rationale. The man-made laws of this insane world have essentially imprisoned us from finding our freedom in the one and only truth. And, the only one unifying law that truly exists in this world, as Wapnick relates later, is the law of love’s reflection. Perhaps another word for this is kindness.

I knew I didn’t like math as a young child for a reason. Time and clocks confused me as did the tables of multiplication and division. When algebra arrived, I went under a rock and cried. My little girl mind raced and raced to find the answer to what all of the arithmetic meant. And, now I know through the works of ACIM and Wapnick and other great modern writers that none of the math ever works out to a functional conclusion. It merely demonstrates dysfunction.

Thank God for Ken Wapnick and his wonderful book. It is easy to read and he cuts through the load of baloney the ego has done in pulling the wool over our eyes. We have been badly taught by this world of man-made laws. We fell asleep billions of years ago to the Truth. Eons of stinkin’ thinkin.’

I am a slow learner . . . but that’s okay;)

Jesus wants us to be “in” this world, but not “of” it. We need to act out our roles in it because the big news flash here is that the gig is up on the ego. It is nothing. It was a projection of our minds in a tiny small moment where we thought we could run the “show” by ourselves. We cannot.

There is only God’s will. And, our freedom lies only in that.

Jesus says in ACIM:

“Miracles fall like drops of healing rain from Heaven on a dry and dusty world, where starved and thirsty creatures come to die. Now they have water. Now the world is green. And everywhere the signs of life show up, to show that what is born can never die, for what has life has immortality.”

The miracle is the correction of the wrong-thinking. There is no order in the difficulty of miracles. One is no different from another. When we forgive math and science and man-made laws that lie, we think rightly. In complete confidence I say this.

We are all of One mind. It is only in that world of perfect Oneness do we truly live. The one true equation that needs no solution is this: 1 + 1 = 1. Remember: All for one and one for all. I like that. I love it.

So, as I reap the amazing royalty checks I receive from time to time, I will remember that the numbers are meaningless. Alas, there is so much freedom in finally understanding what Plato and Jesus and Lao Tzu and Buddha and the other enlightened ones knew all along.

Merry Christmas to the guy who made it clear – Jesus. Merry Christmas to the “J” Underground. It is shining through all the lights of the world from you to me and me to you where the altar of love meets us in our forgiven minds.

All my love and forgiveness (enjoying the wonders of a math-less mind),








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Forgiving Judas Iscariot and all the Apostles…

I used to believe that past lives were a bunch of New Age bunk.

Not anymore. Never again . . .

After having read a million spiritual books, especially, Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, I find that I can NO longer suspend my disbelief in past lives and reincarnation. It is just a fact. He (Gary) is visited by two ascended masters: Pursah and Arten and they basically – in a coconut shell – give him everything we need to know when it comes to why we fight ourselves and why we kill each other and why forgiveness and love are our only tickets out of this place. If you have not read this book, then do yourself a favor and read it.

It is the second Gospel of Thomas. They buried the first. They buried the first out of fear (Nag Hammadi). The second one is here because the truth can NO longer be buried.

Thank you, Gary, for meditating and being vigilant for God and the Truth. Fear is over. Death is over. Forgiveness is here to save us all from ourselves and each other.

As a student of  A Course in Miracles, the 1300 page metaphysical masterpiece, which is ONLY a self-study book and NOT a religion, I have come to know exactly what the message of Jesus was and is. ACIM is one way . . . not the only way. Just to be clear.

It is time for the world to read the message and forgive the big ones and the small ones alike. Especially guys like Judas. He was the one Apostle who never got to have his “cake and eat it, too.” He was the fall guy and he takes the blame every Easter across the world for being the only one who seemingly betrays Jesus. The kiss of death has become his scourge to bear and we re-enact that every year in many Christian denominations.

Enough is enough for poor Judas. In the text of ACIM, Jesus mentions his name three times. We just covered it in my Saturday class we hold at St. Thomas’ church every weekend.

Jesus says in the Text of ACIM:

“Their (the Apostles) own imperfect love made them vulnerable to projection, and out of their own fear they spoke of the ‘wrath of God’ as His retaliatory weapon. Nor could they speak of the crucifixion entirely without anger, because their own sense of guilt had made them angry.”

He (Jesus) goes on to say, “If the Apostles had not felt guilty, they could never have quoted me as saying, ‘I come not to bring peace but a sword.’ This is clearly the opposite of everything I (Jesus) taught. Nor could they have described my reactions to Judas as they did, if they had really understood me. I could not have said, ‘Betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?’ unless I believed in betrayal. The whole message of the crucifixion was simply that I did not [believe in betrayal]. The ‘punishment’ I was said to have called forth upon Judas was a similar mistake. Judas was my brother and a Son of God, as much a part of the Sonship as myself. Was it likely that I would condemn him when I was ready to demonstrate that condemnation is impossible?” (p. 94 – 95…Text of ACIM – Foundation for Inner Peace – combined volume, 3rd edition. 2007).

Jesus wants teachers, not martyrs. Judas must have felt unbelievable guilt and then hung himself after trying to return the money he had taken.

Suicide is not the way out. Judas’ Gospel was only added to the Gnostic Bible in 2009. Thank you to Willis Barnstone for translating this;) If you go there and read it, it’s pretty great stuff. Judas was a great man . . . just like the other Apostles. We cannot continue to separate out his gifts and make him the fall guy every Easter and teach children he was the worst of the Apostles, when in fact, he was a brother to Jesus just like all of us are.

We must put the Voice of Truth on the one Apostle who seems to get the short end of the stick all the time. Peter denied Jesus three times and it seems we lionize him but not Judas. Peter and Judas were brothers to Jesus . . . both are saints.

Judas was a good guy. Not a bad guy. He must be forgiven in our minds and our hearts and our souls. We must love him as much as we love Jesus or J or God. We must have joint salvation through forgiveness for we are not separate from God – we just continue to think we are. And that, as they say in AA is “stinkin’ thinkin’.”

Gary Renard says in one of his books that the Apostles had twenty more life times to live before they would understand the message of Jesus. Guess what then, the Apostles are still with us in the 21st Century . . . walking the earth as the holy Sons of God himself.

Judas is, too. He is, I am sure, still walking this earth . . . just in a different body.

Thank you, Gary, for making this clear: www.garyrenard.com. Thank you Cindy (Gary’s wife): www.cindylora.com for making this clear. Thank you to all the Course teachers who are walking this earth being passersby and sharing the message of ACIM. You make this one person in Richmond, Virginia feel the sanest she has ever felt – ever!

We are all the lights of the world. Including our brother, Judas. We are all only teaching love (through forgiveness), for that is what we are – love.

God Bless Judas and all the rest of the Apostles who are getting it right;) We need you and the voice of Jesus to bring us all home.

So, I unofficially appoint this day, September 21st as a day we think of Judas and forgive him. After all, he was never given any recognition till of late.

But as we know, it is never too late in fiction or in life to REVISE.

Go, Jesus, Go . . . Go, Holy Spirit, Go! Rock stars in Heaven. Rock stars on earth.

All my love and forgiveness,


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