The Divine Angelic Presence heals . . .

The mind heals everything! And, when the angels arrive, it can be amazing.

For over two years now, I have been working with a divine angelic presence (angels of light) who work with me during client sessions. They are a benevolent tribe of colorful beings who emanate a high vibration and frequency. They radiate a rainbow of colors and energetic orbs. When in session, they work through me via a protocol of spiritual healing modalities: reiki, meditation, and energy clearing. They have taught me much about the healing that comes from the mind of Source or God. I simply step out of the way, and let them work their magic.

The results for my clients have been lovely and, at times, remarkable. Together, we have helped clients with healing migraine headaches, healing and reducing stress levels, and healing and getting rid of old patterns and limiting beliefs. The angels are great guides and teachers and the light works on whatever the client feels needs healing.

Additionally, the divine angelic presence sometimes employs the psychic expressions of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), and claircognizance (knowing) to aid the client in getting the bigger picture of what they can work on to heal.

Let the healing begin with  a new and remarkable experience with the DAP (Divine Angelic Presence). We look forward to working wit you!

To book a healing session with me and my tribe of angels, please go to the contact page and send me a note.

Much love!

Ruth and the DAP



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International Call for Stillness – ICFS

International Call for Stillness – in the Evening – ICFS

Calling on YOU! Seven O’Clock! Time to tune in to a new vision. Time to wake up to the universal call.

Read on . . .

My new friend, Erik Alfaro, contacted me last week with a kind of verve and enthusiasm that stopped me in my tracks. In a moment of inspiration, he had had a heartfelt vision of what it would feel like if the whole world reflected—all at once—a vision of innocence and peace. He emailed me and told me he had this vision about a global joining at 7:00 p.m. in the evening to pause for a moment and embrace humanity in its inherent innocence everywhere. A genuine stilling of the masses to hold a hand, touch a shoulder, or hug one another. It was and is all about connecting the very heart of the collective in homes, communities, cities, countries, and continents. Yes, everywhere—no lines, no limits, no boundaries. He then attended my spiritual group and asked if we would help him. Of course, if it involves innocence and peace, then we were all in line for that…sign us up! We all began to help him this past Saturday in Richmond, Virginia. By the end of our meeting, a few gathered and the name was born: ICFS – International Call for Stillness.

So, what is an International Call for Stillness?

It is so easy. And, it’s free!

Each night, at 7:00 p.m., it is a global call for everyone near and far to pause for a few seconds, a minute or two, or even five—then, it is a stilling of the mind and heart to set a global intention of “yes” to innocence and a firm “no” to conflict (regardless of the person, place, or situation). It is an all-encompassing arm around humankind. Humanity embracing humanity in love and peace for each other and the earth.

So, whether you are by yourself, with a friend, or with your family, you can call on a vision of love—like a cascade of flowing light from your mind and heart, you can join in a greater joining. A joining of compassion for our brothers and sisters, our animals, our earth, our sun, and our galaxy.

It is ICFS’s intention that by coming together for a moment at 7:00 p.m. each night our collective energy is galvanized to heal all. Apart, we are nothing. Together, we are One! A part of the Great Awakening that many know is occurring now.

So, this is a great call out to you. You! We are asking for your help by pausing at 7:00 p.m. every night to assist in the global vision of innocence and peace. This is an International Call for Stillness. This is an international call for love. This is an international call to you.

If you want to take a moment every night at 7:00 p.m. in the evening and embrace your own heart and mind and see that vision for everyone, then we ask you to share your experience by replying in the comment section below.

Additionally, you’re invited to my new group ‘ICFS’ on GroupMe. Click here to join:

Thank you, Erik, for listening to your internal guidance. Thank you, Laura Woods, for thinking up the name, ICFS. (Several other group members assisted, too!)

As of this writing, I know Erik is traveling the Eastern seaboard hitting every meditation and spiritual group who will listen. He texted me today and told me that people from here in central Virginia to New York to Portland, Oregon have begun to join. We might be a small group now, but our vision is immeasurable.

We’ll be tuning in tonight. In fact, we’ll be tuning in every night.

Love and gratitude for your willingness to join!

All my love,



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The Colors of Light Heal!

Everyone is entitled to miracles.💞

The journey of a lifetime has changed everything for me and it can do the same for YOU

Read on . . .🦋

Since February of 2018, I have been gifted with spiritual vision. After years of meditation and prayer, I began to see colorful lights and what people might call the third eye,  also known as the indigo blue third eye  chakra. At first, I wasn’t quite sure about the lights that I was seeing and I kept opening my eyes and closing my eyes to check to make sure I was actually seeing the yellow, the purple, green, turquoise, pink and the flecks of pure white light that are in my central vision. A friend told me to question what those lights mint and after much research and investigation I have come to realize that the lights are healing and are giving me a peek into a mystical world that surrounds all of us.

These lights are coming from the non-physical. When I close my eyes and meditate, I see the colors expand and get brighter and I also see a breathing light that is of God. This spiritual vision is ironic as my physical eyesight has waned and I am now legally blind. However, when I am with people that are like-minded and love- minded, I find that the lights that I see get brighter and sometimes can fill an entire room. It is all healing. It is all a recognition of the spirit in all of us and I intuitively know that each one of us has this same spiritual vision. This vision is healing and helpful for everyone to realize that we are One. There is no separation in any way shape or form and this is shown in the Divine abstraction of Love  these colors reflect. This Divine colorful mirror is everywhere. I think that’s pretty cool.

When I’m in front of  clients and doing healing prayer sessions, the lights . . . What I call a Divine Angelic presence . . . heal. They heal both the body and the mind.

These Divine colors are representatives and messengers of love. That really is it. The love that is within the color can vibrate and resonate at the highest level and heal.

If people are willing and open-minded, then the benefit is quite amazing. I have been in front of some people who have experienced a healing that comes from minds that are joined. Minds that are accepting of the healing process.

At first, I was skeptical of these lights. But after the last 18 months, I have come to accept that it is something I can share and honor.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in this and exploring the healing process of spiritual vision, then please connect with me here on the contact page of this site.

Additionally, I do guided  meditation with clients and also teach how to meditate or visualize in order to heal. I have noticed that with repetition of meditation and or visualization that one can heal their own bodies and their own mind.

Love to you!!!🕊❣


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A Love Revolution – Jesus has a mighty microphone!

Tina Louise Spalding has been channeling Jesus and a group called Ananda for the last 6 years. She is one brave soul and it is now her life’s journey to bring his message to us. She is a trance channel and if you have the willingness and the bravery and the courage to listen to her message, I would take 90 minutes of your day and listen to what his message was from yesterday, April 21st 2019. It is time for us to know the truth and he is here to give it to us in a loving way that will get through, in my opinion, two more people. Especially, our youth who need to hear the truth. I love you guys so much and appreciate your willingness to try and listen to this and hear the truth.


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Guided Meditation and Healing Prayer Sessions…for YOU!

In my own experience, I have found that meditation and healing prayer has been the tincture I needed to heal myself from old, limiting beliefs as well as from physical maladies.  In the last ten years of devoted practice to the healing art of meditation, I have literally stopped having migraines and have healed the tops of my corneas due to myopia. Additionally, the cracks, fissures and tears in my retinas have stopped leaking and I no longer need eye injections. I am legally blind, but I am not giving up hope that my eyes can one day fully recover. At 52, I have time to devote to recovering from anything!

Faith is free and I have plenty of it.

Furthermore, I have taken back my own mind and my own thinking–especially the label boxes that separated me (many of us) from the “norm.” I no longer consider myself an alcoholic nor bipolar. The former diagnosis, I gave to myself. The latter, a doctor labeled me with nearly twenty years ago. Via the healing art of meditation and prayer, today I am label free and have the most peace and joy I have ever known. Two things occurred int he last ten years to bring me this peace and healing: one has been the discipline of meditation; the other has been the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles.  True forgiveness and love  are the way to healing and I want to share this with you.

If you truly want a better way to be-all of the time,too, then take me up on a free session of Guided Meditation & Healing Prayer!

Here’s the scoop:

Guided Meditation and Healing Prayer (GMHP)is the tincture we all need (I know I did) –especially when we are in need of clearing our own minds and lives of the psychic debris that blocks us from a better way.

Today and through the middle of next month (March), I am offering you or anyone you know a free guided meditation session to kickoff my new GMHP practice!

My Innsbrook home office is open for anyone who is interested in learning more about  guided meditation and healing prayer. I have been doing this for many years and am now offering individual and small group sessions to anyone who may be interested in the healing arts and the power of how the mind can heal.

The benefits of Guided Meditation and Healing Prayer (GMHP) are truly amazing as you can tap into the power of how your own mind cam heal itself from mental, physical, and emotional blocks. As you join with that inner power (God, Source, Holy Spirit) you can help heal yourself from every perception that limits you – any and all fears! As you do this, a sense of peace and joy can be your continued experience (with practice!).

The meditation session is done and held in a three-part process: the first part is teaching one how to meditate regardless of the level of the student; the second part is a guided meditation for about 15-20 minutes; and, the third part is healing prayer based on the students’ questions or concerns.

To do a GMHP session with me, all you have to do is go to the “Guided Meditation and Healing Prayer ” tab  on my website and fill out the form and provide your phone number or email address, and I will reach out to you!  (I do Skype, phone, or in-person sessions).

All my love to you all as we heal the belief that we are limited beings, as we heal the belief that the ego is our identity, as we heal the belief that we can’t recover the way to wholeness, again.

All my love,

Ruth (hoping you will forgive any typos you may have noticed)

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Letters from the J Underground is HERE!

Hey, everyone,

I can hardly believe it! I am so excited that my seventh book — one for every chakra — is OUT and available as both a paperback as well as an ebook. You can find the paperback is available NOW and the ebook will be available on Friday, Sept. 14th. What an honor it is to make this available to anyone who may be on a similar path. To me, A Course in Miracles is the Holy Grail of books and it is my cup of tea and my chosen path for now and always. If you would like to read about my shared experiences then you can find the books on these links — the book is cheap, short, and delivers the “goods”:

Paperback — available now!

Letters from the J Underground – click here!

eBook is available NOw for pre-order and will be sent on Friday, Sept. 14th:

Letters from the J Underground – eBook

Much gratitude to my wife, Heather, who was able to put all of this together. She is amazing and my mightiest companion. I talk about her more in the book . . .  we have known each other, in this lifetime, for over twenty years and our story of meeting is pretty cool. You’ll see;)

In the meantime, if you have not had a chance to listen to my latest interview with ACIM expert, Jackie Lora Jones, then you can listen here. Boy is she fun to be with as she knows the Course like the back of her hand:

Another interview about the book came earlier this summer with May-Lily Lee on her show, American Spark. If you feel inspired to listen to that, then the link is here. We had a bunch of fun and here show is lovely.

At this point in time, I am officially opening up my personal spiritual prayer and meditation practice. You can find out more about this on the “Counseling Sessions via ACIM” link on this website. Easy peasy!

I can’t wait to hear from you all. Until then, blessings on your journey and may peace and joy and kindness be your gifts to yourself and everyone you meet.

Many blessings and eternal love to you,






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Interview with ACIM expert – Jackie Lora Jones!

Hey, everyone,

Just last week, I had my very first live interview with one of the premier international experts on A Course in Miracles — Jackie Lora Jones. Wow! If anyone wants a clear uncompromising understanding of the Course, then Jackie is IT! She is not only a fabulous interviewer, she is also an amazing Teacher of God. I am just going to call her what she absolutely represents! I was so honored and grateful — and a little nervous — to be on her show. We talk about the Course, our collective journey down the “seeming” rabbit hole into time and space, and how we are all going home to the place we NEVER left. Awesome sauce! In between, we chat about my next book, Letters from the J Underground, which will be out in September! The hardest book — and the shortest — I have ever written, like a non-fiction “chap” book. It will be short, cheap and good . . .  I promise.

Here is the link to the interview if you feel inspired to listen:

Thanks to all my friends from the RVA Course Community who have and continue support me on this journey. The utter support from my mighty companions here in Richmond has been amazing! Thank you to all who have prayed for me and given me the confidence in getting my story and message to the people who may be helped by it. Perhaps ten or twenty or more (who knows — only the Holy Spirit!) .  .  . truly to the ones who have struggled with mental illness, suicide, or depression or any psychic debris they have carried from other dream lifetimes. Yep, all a big dream and we are living it together!

Additionally, I HIGHLY recommend all of you to take one of Jackie’s webinars. You can find all of the information here on her website if that hyperlink does not work, then just google her name: Jackie Lora Jones — easy peasy!

I hope in the future, I can be half the teacher Jackie is . .  . she is a great role model, like her sister Cindy and her brother-in-law, Gary! (Their collective work is a game changer!) Everyone can be healed and helped by her. She gets a lot of emails but, believe me, she answers them. And, when you listen to our interview, you will clearly hear how great she is!

Okay, back to eating pizza and ice cream and living the dream . . . Heather and I just got back from a fabulous trip to Colorado and are couch potatoe-ing it before we go back to work tomorrow.

I love you all and wish the very best to anyone who may be reading this now. Just know, the journey back gets better and better each day as we meet people where they are and love them where they are.

Peace to you . . .  and peace on earth!


(forgive any typos you may read or see here…)









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American Spark Interview for Letters from the J Underground

Version 2My very first interview for the hardest book I’ve ever written is here! What a joy May-Lily Lee is! She is a fantastic interviewer. I was so grateful to sit down with her recently at a studio here in Richmond to discuss Letters from the J Underground. The release date is set for early September. Check out the podcast on American Spark!

A big shout out goes to my mighty companion, Kim Severin, who began this project. It turns out she had a whole separate book in her, Making the Turn, which will be out later this year. Kim was my guiding light from the very start and she encouraged me to do this book. My dear friend, Nathaniel Mason, who is a brilliant and talented man (now in the doctoral program at William and Mary) gave me the prayerful support and guidance, too. He will write many books in his life that will assist many people. I am positive of that!

Most importantly, gratitude for my wife, Heather Campbell, who has become my “eyes”. As I’ve struggled with physical vision loss, Heather has put on every hat possible when it comes to assisting me in getting this book out there. Heather has believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. She is an amazing woman, an amazing editor, and an amazing artist. Her support and dedication to me has brought me the most confidence and peace in the true messages I reveal in this book to the world.

All my love,


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Letters from the J Underground

ebook cover image_ruthI’m excited to announce that my seventh book is here.  It is called Letters from the J Underground and was written with the help of my friends, Kim Severin and Nathaniel Mason. For those of you that want a sneek peek, here is an updated excerpt:

“Dear Friends, 

There’s a scene in the movie, The Sound of Music, where Julie Andrews begins singing to Christopher Plummer as they kiss in one of the most romantic scenes of all time. As they cradle each other in the gazebo, she sings to him, “somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.” She is reflecting in the lyric—in that moment of good, in that moment of truth in her childhood, she did something so great . . . so, good and perfect . . . now her payoff is this amazing love she is feeling for her holy love—him.

When I watch that scene, as I have many times, I fall in love with them both. For me, it’s a clear still point of truth and the loveliness of falling in love. It always takes my breath away. The chemistry is palpable, as palpable as the heartbeat of every love story—ever.

Yes, Julie Andrews—or Frauline Maria. You did something very good. She croons to him and I’m transported to Heaven inside my own heart. It feels like Heaven when I watch that lovely scene and that entire joyful movie. There is singing and playfulness and romance and it has that ending scene of them climbing over that mountain into Switzerland—the mountain to freedom.

We are indeed all just like those characters on our own stage of life. We’re dreaming of love and joy and utter blessings. The family Von Trapp brings it to us and the entire movie breaks open our hearts.

Even though I was brought up Catholic, I never understood Jesus or even thought he was a part of my life until I came to the Course. I never understood God or the bible as I couldn’t wrap my brain around any of it. I walked away from it all. I didn’t think I could ever have a personal relationship with Jesus or God. But, when I started meditating in earnest and praying in earnest and feeling like somewhere in my youth I had done something good—just like Julie Andrews—I began to feel more and more connected with J.

Then on the stage of my own life, I had a dream of him—J. And, now, I’ve come to know I’m part of something I never, ever believed I’d say out loud or even proud. I love him. I love Jesus. I love the Holy Spirit. I love God.

God is. . . there, now I am getting it right.

Now, I am certain I need to laminate my membership card to the J Underground. I think on the front, it will have a picture of our beloved enlightened brother: Jesus or “J” for short. Perhaps something cartoony that depicts an elevator: doors open, one illuminated “up” button, and a line wrapped around the corner of a city block. Just inside, Jesus is there, extending a hand to the next person in line with a tag line like, “Teach only love, for that is what you are.” Which may be too Jesusy for some. Or, it could say, “Forgive and forget,” which may be too simple. Or, it could say, “God is . . .” which may be too existential.

In truth, I don’t think Jesus cares as long as the message gets through—with crystal clear-cut clarity. The clarity came in my sleep. It was utter truth and I claim it as personal testimony to all.

Check out the book, where the story of my dream (which continues this letter) is revealed. I hope this piques your interest.

All my love,


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Going blind . . .

What it means to be going blind…

It seems like a terrible trick when one’s eyesight begins to diminish and fail. And in truth, it is. I can’t think of any of the five senses that one could choose to lose. It seems to me that going blind is the worst. But I choose to be brave over choosing to be fearful about losing my eyesight. This doesn’t mean I’m some huge hero. It just means that I choose to think differently. There have been times in the last seven years when I was quite fearful of going blind. Now, as I make steps to go to the department for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Richmond, Virginia in October, to get help, all I can think about are the students I taught and the readers who have read my books. I think of the fact that I was gifted for so many years to spread the love of teaching and to see words and just speak them and translate them to people who needed me.

So, I use this blog to help others in case they might want to listen. Words have always been a special love for me. I love to read them, I love to hear them, and I love to write them. Words have given me a sense of truth, words have given me a sense of meaning, and words have given me a sense of deliverance from this world.

I can no longer read books. I can no longer read anything that is written in the grocery store. I can barely read road signs unless they are in humongous font, like a stop sign. My church where I work has purchased adaptive software so I can read emails and do work on the computer. But last week I had to give up driving. I can no longer struggle with the shadows that are cast in front of me and drive through them without thinking I might hit someone. And while I don’t care what happens to me most times, I certainly care about others who may cross my path. So GRTC has become my friend. Just these last few weeks I have begun to ride the bus to work. I am grateful for the kindness of strangers as I was quite lost those first few trips to the transfer station downtown. I was blessed by a man who works in the Federal Building. I believe his name is Ralph. The first day I got off the bus, he put out his arm and I grabbed hold of it and he gently and kindly walked me across the street to the transfer station. He did it twice. He showed me what bus to get on. I got to work on time.

Our brothers and sisters in this world are so kind and when I got lost last week trying to come home, a lady at the transfer station was able to direct me to the right street to pick up the bus. It took me two and a half hours to get home,  but that was okay because the whole time I was just grateful. Grateful to the people who surrounded me.

I have given up many things that require the use of my eyes. I don’t watch television hardly at all and even when I do I have to sit nearly on top of the TV.  Recently I was using binoculars from the other side of the room to see images. I can only watch shows that don’t cut scenes too quickly and where the lighting is good so I can see faces. I can no longer see people and their heads from ten feet away. Even if they sit across from me I cannot see clear sharp images of eyes, noses, and lips. When I go for walks I can see trees and cam hear birds and see the street and still see forms but it’s all very vague now.

As I write this, I use a speech-to-text application and I must hold it close to my eyes to see what it is that I am writing. It takes me 20 times longer to write using this application than a keyboard. When I log into my email I have to put my left eye down to the keyboard to see the keys clearly.  I have to ask people who they are when they walk toward me.

But, I am not fooled by what is happening because I have been lucky enough to stumble upon  the greatest book of our lifetimes.

Some of you know, that I facilitate  a spiritual group every Saturday morning at St Thomas’s Church. I am grateful to be facilitating a group that uses the teaching of A Course in Miracles whose author is Jesus and whose scribe is the late Helen Schucman. We are big enough adults now to recognize that channeled works exist. We are adult enough now to recognize that there is something more happening in this world than just going from meal to meal, Facebook post to Facebook post, and going from day-to-day in our daily habits and rituals.

If there is one lesson I can teach people from this process that seems to become a new normal each day, it is this: there is a greater purpose in this life than the things that keep us busy in our minds each day. There is a greater purpose in this life than the things that keep us distracted in our minds everyday. There is a greater purpose in the effects of this world.

Our purpose in this world is to forgive it. Our purpose in this world is to see our brothers and sisters as innocent. Our purpose in this world is understand that these bodies we inhabit are not the truth. Our spirit is the only truth there is. And in the Big Blue Book that I study and teach from each Saturday, Jesus is asking us to do two things. He is asking us to teach only love for that is what we are. And he is asking us to forgive our brothers and sisters for what they never did.

Our mind is split. We either choose the thought system of fear – the egp. Or we choose the thought system of love – the Holy Spirit. In the Big Blue Book, Jesus is asking us to take our role in the atonement. What this means is he’s asking for us to . . . in our minds . . . forgive this world, these bodies, and every arrogant unloving  thought of fear, anxirty, and attack. When we forgive ourselves and each other, we are helping him repair the split mind – the trick of the ego. And let me put this bluntly. The ego made the worold of levels, pain and pleasure, and the body. The body was made as a device to hide from God. The body will never prevail. We exist as spirit . . . as minds. Any sickness in the body is a defense against the truth. My eyes are part of the ego-self. I will say this bluntly, too. I signed up for this lifetime long before I came into this body. Every trick of the ego was my choosing and I have to look at that and repair it in my mind – not in my body.  And, I forgive myself for errors that I – in Truth – never made. The only way I can truly forgive and help Jesus and the atonement is to accept my role in it. And my role is to forgive myself and others in my mind and one day the ego will wither and die and we can all go home together. We all go home together because we all landed here together. It’s a done deal.

So while my eyes seem to  go down the tubes, I realize that my brothers and sisters both known and unknown will show up to assist me. They look like guys who sit on buses and travel to their jobs and who see a person across the aisle who needs help. They are guys like Ralph who don’t know my name but see that the gift of love and help blesses us all. God bless him. God bless all of my students I ever taught. God bless all the readers who have read my books. Jesus chooses his channels wisely…just like you who is now reading this.

If you see me in town, please come up and say hi. I might not be able to see you clearly but I will be so glad to have the opportunity to be with you.

Love wins.




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