Perkinson Post: WRIR 97.3 Interview with Liz Humes

When publicity comes a callin’, all I can say to authors out there is you have to answer the phone, click on the e-mail, cancel your mammogram. GO!

Liz Humes, the Wordy Birds radio personality at 97.3 WRIR here in Richmond, e-mailed me last week and asked if I’d like to do an interview on her show. Yes. Of course. When can I chopper over to your pad and give you a free copy of my book? I panted as I typed what I hoped was a pithy yet salient response.

If you don’t know Liz, you should. Her mind is oozing with stacks of books she’s read and she’s interviewed some hottie authors.  When we met last week and then again yesterday for the mic to mic interview, she talked a bit about Charles Shields and his book called Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee. I swooned because she knows him, has talked to him, has interviewed him. I wanted to hold her hand and ask more about who he was. But it was Liz in front of me – the unpretentious, witty, and charming lure of a woman. She wears red lipstick that makes her pristine white skin glow and the black in her hair shimmer like some old poetic Bohemian sentiment. I love her.

Our show airs this Friday at noon on 97.3 WRIR here in Richmond and across the planet on the Internet.

I talk about my latest book, spirituality, and the Pope. I forget what else I said. But, I think that about covers it.

Listen in to hear what Liz asks me and how I answer as adroitly or unadroitly as I can;)

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1 Response to Perkinson Post: WRIR 97.3 Interview with Liz Humes

  1. Liz Humes says:

    Ruth! It’s Liz! you said that the Pope self-pleasures, in his mind – on the radio! Which I cut. You also said that in your really funny book- which is why I wrote it here. You also sang a little song about looking for God- which I left in. And you said that you were going to write your next book about me, which I cut.

    Of the roughly 400 + authors I’ve read and interviewed on my program, Ruth, you’re one of my tipity top favorites. I’m not good at unfurling huge, red-carpet compliments, like you. They’re there, in me, so… right back at ya. It takes a lot of courage and trust to speak about yourself publicly, on the radio. You come on and reveal very personal information, for a greater good. You’re a hero and a great writer. More later. Liz

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