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Bev Prescott is playing with me. I love it when we girls get together for a game of tag. This weekend, I’m it – more on that in a bit.

First, a few words on Bev. An environmental lawyer by day and a novelist by night (and when she rides the train), Bev is a charmer. She has that certain je ne sais quoi quality like Mary Stuart Masterson did when she played Idgie in Fried Green Tomatoes: smart, funny, and endearing. She is the author of two books, Step Into the Wind and My Soldier Too, which are available all over the planet: google her and you’ll see. Or, you can go to http://www.bevprescott.com. Her latest enterprise is a book called, Blowback , and it is coming this summer. We became friends this past year and, meow, Bev has a cat named, Lilliput. I love it.

Okay, drum roll…now to what we “blog tag” tour bus people are doing. Imagine we are talking heads on the Writing Channel. Here are some questions Bev posed and here are my answers.

Numero Uno:
What are you working on? (As in writing)

Right now, I am taking a break. My sixth book, Spirit Home, is in the hands of a cogent editor at Bedazzled Ink and it will be published, I think, in June. I have had some eye issues which has forced me to take a break from editing and writing. So, I picked up the guitar and am trying to learn three songs:
“Country Roads” by John Denver (the chords are easy).
“Romeo and Juliet” as sung and played by Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. (Hard – but what a song, right?).
“Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin (chords are easy but you don’t want to hear me sing this one…see my dogs for details on this one).

Numero Duo:
How does my writing differ from others of its genre?

Well, this is my first nonfiction spiritual book. How does it differ…hmmm. It doesn’t really. I write as if I am adding my voice to the arsenal of knowledge and pontification that already exists. Nothing separates me from anyone else. It’s just my word choice and the way I say it.

Numero Three-o:
Why do I write what I do?

The same reason a painter paints, a bricklayer lays bricks, a carpenter builds, the seamstress seams (is that a verb?), a singer sings – it’s just a part of you that wants to evolve and you have to answer the call – otherwise, you die a slow and painful death from doing all the other crap you don’t have any interest in doing. Mine is vacuuming.

Numero Four-o:
How does my writing process work?

It works when I do as the great Ray Bradbury once wrote to do:
Relax. Don’t think. Write.

That, my friends, is it.

So, those are the questions and answers on the “tag you’re it” blog tour bus. Next up is my friend, Susan X Meagher. She has written a hundred books, okay, maybe a few less than that. I swear she must type at the speed of sound. It comes through her like she channeling Sappho herself. Maybe…hmmm…maybe Susan has a little of the Sappho in her. She lives in New York with her spouse, Carrie. I bet she knows:)

I love Susan and consider her quite the force in our writing world. She is on deck. Check out how she answers the four writing questions next week. Here’s her site in the meantime: www.susanxmeagher.com



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