Perkinson Post: Free Writing Sessions…No baggage, I promise

You have to offer something free – always.

Except, of course, if you are an airline.

Lucky for me, I am not an airline. I am just an old English teacher who knows that a little advice can go a long way. Here’s a little nugget from our recently departed Ray Bradbury – Relax. Don’t think. Write. Three short sentences that helped me write my first book. I scribbled the words on a notecard and taped it to the bottom of my computer screen. Whenever I was stuck or anxious or trapped in subject-verb-agreement, I would look down to the sagacious saying and get over myself and move on. I just kept tapping away and eventually a good word, sentence, or paragraph would emerge from its closed chrysallis state. It took me three manuscripts to mold my first book and twenty years of dreaming. This is what I don’t want for my dear reader reading this…that indescribable twenty-year wait. Even though the digital age has made writing a whole different platform from which to spring, people still need assistance getting started, staying accountable, or receiving advice or inspiration that will get them to their goal A LOT faster than I did.

I went the publishing route completely solo. I read and read and read and wrote and wrote and wrote till droplets of black font oiled out from my temples and dropped themselves to the scratchy page. I drove myself crazy with waiting, wishing, finagling…till one day, I got the call of a lifetime.

Call me. E-mail me. Let me help expedite your plan to express yourself to the world. I look forward to any way I can serve you. It is all about YOU! And, I am supremely happy about that.

Free session. No baggage. Plenty of leg room and you can exit any time you like.

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4 Responses to Perkinson Post: Free Writing Sessions…No baggage, I promise

  1. Joan Denman says:

    Ruth—I had no idea you suffered through all the angst, too! Your writing is such a joy! BTW, I love the Ray Bradbury quote which is now posted at the bottom of my computer screen!

  2. KG MacGregor says:

    If there’s one thing I really like about Ruth Perkinson, it’s everything.

  3. Barrett says:

    what KG said! Very generous and wonderful. Wished you’d been workin’ the mean streets several years ago! Don’t be shy folks… this is the chance of a lifetime to GET F****** started! Grab it.

  4. Jenny says:

    Sign me up, please! I’ve written about 25k words of my first novel. I’d love any feedback, mentoring, etc. that I can get my hands on. What now? 🙂

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